UK Premiere 

When You Listen / 
(Niños somos todos)


Sergi Cameron

Multidisciplinary Catalan flamenco singer Francisco Contreras Molinas, known by the artistic name of Niño de Elche, sets off to Bolivia aiming to discover the origins of music and reach the very core of the art creation process. Along this existential quest in the depths of the Latin American soul, full of extraordinary acquaintances and experiences, he will reacquaint himself with his innermost feelings,

reshaping his relationship with music, with his family, with life as a whole. A self-awareness journey embarking for the final  liberating destination: the child hidden inside us all.

Best Documentary. Festival In-Edit 2019


Watch the Q&A with Director Sergi Cameron and El Niño de Elche, led by Mon Rivas here.



Spain, Bolivia 2020 • 93 min 

Spanish with English Subtitles 

Certificate: Universal 

Supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the PICE’s grants programme.



Fri 23 Apr 6pm 
Available for 48h

Available to watch in the UK and Ireland.

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