A close up desaturated color image of a hand placing a group of small pilled up leaves in the soil. Overlaid in white capital letter the words: The Endless Battle.


We have invited filmmaker Fernando Vílchez to curate a series of UK premiere short films around his work I Can Only Show you the Color; commemorating the bicentennial of Peru’s independence in 2021. 


“In July, 2021 Peru will be two hundred years old as a sovereign nation, and yet the struggles of the past remain more current than ever. Cinema has not been excluded to this social concern.
The documentary field became the freest and most radical terrain of our creativity.

This selection of recent short films raises a self-portrait of a country that is always convulsed, contradictory but, at the same time,
fiercely optimistic.” Fernando Vílchez 

1 hour 26 min

Available from Sat 01 May 6pm until Sun 02 May 11.59pm to watch in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Latin-America.

We hope the film will be followed by a conversation with filmmakers on Sat 01 May
at 7.20pm

Join the Q&A via Zoom here

Short Films

14 N
A color close up image of a person standing in the middle of a road with black beard and and a white cup looking with a stern expression into the camera. Behind the person out of focus there is a group of people out of focus.
I Can Only show you the color
A color image of a group of 5 people standing in the pebbled shore of a lake, holding a big tree branch. They are all looking at another person coming out of the water, wearing bathing shorts and carrying a water can. The lake is surrounded by a jungle and a mountain in the background.
Constitutionally born to protect you
A blurry color image of two people at a demonstration in the street dressed with helmets and gas masks and moving in distress and they are surrounded by smoke. Overlaid in the image a white outline illustration of a person screaming.
Mother Rain
A color image of an old person reflected in a mirror with grey long hair and extending one hand to braid the hair to one side. The person is looking down with a neutral expression and everything outside the mirror reflection is out of focus.
A color image of two young people with their eyes closed sitting in a floral beige and red couch. The one on the left, wearing a light grey sweatshirt with letters on it, has blue long hair and is resting the head on the other person’s shoulder. The one on the right with short curly hair and a black t.shirt, is looking sideways to the person on the left.
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