STAFF ONLY / El viaje de Marta

Neus Ballús / Scottish Premiere

There is nothing a rebellious teenager wants less than to be trapped on holiday with the family, but that’s exactly what happens to Marta (17) when her father takes her and her little brother to Senegal for Christmas. Looking to stir things up, Marta sets her sights on Khouma, a cameraman who films outingsn for tourists. Her relationship with her father was already strained, and now her interest in this young Senegalese man pushes it over the edge. But what starts as a way to upset her father turns to true fascination. Through Khouma’s videos Marta discovers the inner workings of the exotic holiday business, but
more importantly, a window onto understanding the world she lives in.

Multi award-winning filmmaker Neus Ballús (The Plague) returns with Staff Only, a portrait of a rebellious teenager’s unique initiation into the adult world. Led by Sergi López (Happy as Lazzaro, Pan’s Labyrinth) Staff Only dives into the exoticization of
Africa in this family coming-of-age story.

Neus Ballus' previous multi award winning docu-fiction film The Plague premiered at IberoDocs 2015. 

In collaboration with Be United

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Age certificate: PG / Spain, France / 2019 / 83 min / DCP / Catalan and French with English subtitles / Cast: Elena Andrada, Sergi López.



Fri 28 Feb 8.35pm at the Filmhouse

PRICE: £11 / £9 Concs.

Followed by a Skype Q&A with Neus Ballús, led by Areeva Goliath, Managing Director of Be United. 

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Sat 14 March 1pm at CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts

PRICE: £4 - £8

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