A color image of three flamenco dancers at the front wearing traditional costumes and dancing. The three of them are looking to the right side with their eyes closed and with one hand in their waist and the other one up. Behind them a guitarist seated in a chair looking at them on the right and a person taking a phone picture on the right.

 International Premiere 

Never Look Back / 
(Pa'trás, ni pa'tomar impulso)


Lupe Pérez García 

We will accompany Carmen on her journey, as she takes the art of flamenco to the dusty paths of the Andes mountains, the indigenous Qom communities and downtown Buenos Aires. Everywhere she goes, Carmen will find others who share her passion and whose hearts all beat to the sound of the same rhythm.

Best Director. Special Award New Waves.

Sevilla European Film Festival 2020.


Linked activity: Lupe Pérez García will deliver a FREE masterclass in collaboration with Scottish Documentary institute on Fri 30 April at 3pm.



Spain 2020 • 76 min 

Spanish with English Subtitles 

Certificate: Universal 

Supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the PICE’s grants programme.




Thurs 29 Apr 6pm
Available for 48h

Available to watch in the UK and Ireland

HOH subtitles available by Screen Language

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