A colour image of the musician El Niño de Elche wearing a red hoodie and a light grey jacket, resting his crossed arms on a dining table covered with a white plastic tablecloth with a pattern of lemons. The room has a vivid wallpaper with pink, white, green and yellow flowers over a maroon background. Overlaid on the image the words “main programme” in white capital letters.


As the worldwide pandemic highlighted the vulnerability of the creative arts sector as well as its invaluable contribution, this year the main programme explores Art as a Need in 11 feature length documentaries which also challenge stereotypes surrounding society's notion of artists.


The Festival, which has consistently celebrated equality, diversity and accessibility as its core values, will apply them even further when bringing this years’ festival to life since all the feature- 

length films in the main programme will include subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing and the opening film will also have an audio
description available.

All Q&As with filmmakers and artists will include BSL and language interpretation kindly provided on a volunteer basis by students from
Heriot - Watt University.

Feature Films

Cinema Morocco
Black and white image of director Ricardo Calil holding a clapboard in front of a person seated in front with a long beard, a top hat, a white scarf and a cape.
Discovering Jose Padilla
A scene of the black and white film City Lights with Chaplin smiling, holding his top hat and offering a white flower to a woman next to him, who is also smiling at him and extending her hand forward. Overlaid on the bottom left corner a colour photograph of New York’s skyline.
Free Color
Colour image of Carlos Cruz-Diez sitting crossed legged on a white chair with his hands resting in his lap, in front of a plain grey background. He is wearing glasses, a pink shirt with black and yellow suspenders, blue pants and black shoes and has grey short hair, beard and moustache.
In a Whisper
An old analogue color photo of Heidi Hassan, on the right looking at the camera and smIling, and Patricia Perez, on the left looking up, in their teens, seated on the floor. Behind them a truck with a plaque that reads: HF09552- Cuba.
Light Sensitive Ages
A colour image of two teenagers, the one in the left with short dark curly hair and glasses, is painting the face of the one in the right as a clown, with red paint in the lips and nose and white paint in the rest of the face.
Map of Latin American Dreams
Colour image of a person of color looking to the side, boths hands on the waist, standing inside a rundown warehouse. The person is wearing a blue carnival bikini costume with sequins, high heel knee high boots and a headpiece with feathers.
A color image of Maricarmen from the side inside a busy subway corridor, carrying a red cello case and a visually impaired stick.
Never Look Back
A color image of three flamenco dancers at the front wearing traditional costumes and dancing. The three of them are looking to the right side with their eyes closed and with one hand in their waist and the other one up. Behind them a guitarist seated in a chair looking at them on the left and a person taking a phone picture on the right.
Nothing But The Sun
A colour image of an Ayoreo indigenous person with long grey hair tied back a light pastel green t.shirt and a white rosary necklace. The person is looking at someone else in front who is almost out of frame and out of focus. In the background there is a house and greenery landscape out of focus.
The Writer From a Country Without Bookstores
A digital illustration of a person of color wearing a vivid blue top over a vivid yellow background. The hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose and beard are painted white with a crayon texture.
When You Listen
A close up color image of El Niño de Elche biting a dusty and sandy old radio by holding it up with both hands. He is wearing a straw hat, a blue and red checked shirt and a balck vest. In the background a sunny desert landscape out of focus
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