Scottish Premiere 

Free Color


Alberto Arvelo

The 94-year-old Master of Color, Venezuelan-born Kinetic and Optical Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, breaks open the limits of technology to achieve his greatest artistic obsession: an autonomous phenomenon of ‘chromosaturation’, a cloud space of color-without-form.

Cruz-Diez impassionedly recruits a team of innovators from across disciplines to help make

his dream come to life within the instability of reality, but can technology evolve fast enough for his dream to become the ephemeral art he seeks it to be?

Watch the Q&A with director Alberto Arvelo and Cruz-Diez grandson Gabriel Cruz-Diez, led by Isabel Moura Mendes here



USA, Venezuela, France 2020 • 67 min 

Spanish and English with English Subtitles 

Certificate: Universal 



Wed 21 Apr 6pm
Available for 48h

Available to watch in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. 

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