A color image of the silhouettes of 7 people standing in a wooden dock over a lake with sparkling water, in a bright sunny day. One of them is jumping backwards into the water where there are two people swimming. In the background the blue sky with some white clouds and an outline of a mountain. Overlaid in white capital letters the words: A Spiritual Journey.


"Sensitivity is the capacity to understand something that we cannot put into words, what we say without words”. This quote, from Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s latest book 'And: Phenomenology of the End: Sensibility and Connective Mutation' (2017), summarises the intention of this programme of films:

to take us on a journey through some of the Lusophone countries to enjoy a sensorial, 

spiritual and otherworldly cinematic experience that goes beyond our physical reality, in search of what is not seen and is being lost in the era of digitalisation. 

Mon Rivas 


1 hour 24 min

Available for 48h from Thurs 22 Apr 6pm to watch in the UK and Ireland

Watch the Q&A with filmmakers led by Mon Rivas here 

Supported by Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through the PICE’s grants programme.


Short Films