We Are Back!

Despite all the ongoing difficulties, Scotland’s Ibero-American Documentary Film Festival will return this spring with its 8th edition, running entirely online (UK and Ireland) for 12 days, 19th April- 2nd May; and if the pandemic allows it, with a promising window opened to some inperson activities.


IberoDocs 2021 programme is based around the theme “Art As A Need”. The pandemic has proved that art is a basic necessity, but it has also highlighted the vulnerability of the artistic community. For that reason this year’s programme is not only a homage to some of the best Ibero-American  

figures across the 7th Arts -The “Maestros” - but also a tribute to Art as a whole.


In addition to the programme, we will join forces with other creative practitioners and UK based professionals to rethink together the future of the sector and build opportunities for all those involved.


We can’t wait to see art “blooming” again in spring.


With warm regards,

The IberoDocs Team

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We are celebrating our 8th edition with an eco-twist this spring, hoping to see art “blooming” again.


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